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There's something to be said about the sense of freedom you feel when going out on your bicycle, exploring different places to pitch up for the day... And especially when you have a picnic blanket rolled up and buckled onto the back of your saddle, ready on standby!


Made with a high quality heavyweight wool, the Bronte by Moon picnic blanket mixes natural warmth and durability with inherent style; built for adventure. The Three Peak blue ridge check represents an instinct to explore the peaks & valleys of the natural world, living evermore sustainably alongside the wild.


Using pure raw materials ethically sourced from mother nature herself, this piece is well and truly made for the great outdoors.


100% Merino Lambswool.

Approx size 140 x 180cm (W x L)

Weight 1200g

Bronte by Moon Three Peaks Wool Picnic Blanket


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