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Company Values and Company Mission

Our Values

Celebrating the Beauty of Mother Nature Throughout Every Season

With our seasonal floristry and bicycle hire packages, we place focus on the changes in the elements brought in by Mother Nature throughout the year, to bring a closeness to the natural world that surrounds us in our city centres, towns and countryside. 

Promoting the Mental and Physical Benefits of Cycling 

We’re all about bringing people together to appreciate the important things in life.  Away from the digital devices which are now an intrinsic part of our lives, we offer bicycle experience packages that bring you right back into the present moment. 

From the wealth of parklands, to city cycle paths, long tree-lined avenues in the suburbs and country lanes, we aim to promote a sociable alternative to physical exercise which doesn’t feel like a chore.

Contributing to A Lasting Legacy of the Right Kind

Caring passionately for the dedicated local tradespeople who provide us with the diverse range of independent shops, bars and eateries in our towns and villages, to the wealth of parklands and sports clubs well-tended to by members, volunteers and workers, we appreciate these are also the people who make up our family, our friends and our neighbours.  We also fully respect how, together, they create the beating heart of our local areas by keeping their doors open.

So whilst supporting local employment, British Industry and cycling culture, we ultimately want to play our part in helping people come together in a way that supports the greater good of our local communities today, whilst protecting it for the future generations of tomorrow.   

Pedalling Our Way to a More Inclusive, Cleaner World Through Fun Ways

We're focused on giving people the chance to have a go at getting back on the saddle in fun ways- showing how we can all pedal our way to a fulfilling lifestyle that benefits those around us, our environment and ourselves.

Our Mission

To promote a community-centred lifestyle which offers people the chance to experience...

1. What cycling would be like as a healthier, environmentally-friendly mode of daily transport.

2. Bringing the two concepts of ‘supporting local businesses’ and ‘cycling to get fit’ together to demonstrate how ‘commuting and shopping locally as a cyclist’ can be beneficial on a personal level and also a collective level.   

3. An insight into the great range of goods and services offered by local businesses in our areas. Enabling people to see how these locally produced goods could improve a person's quality of life if purchased on a regular basis (fresher, fewer air miles, more unique products).

4. An insight into how using these local businesses, and therefore interacting with the local shop keepers on a regular basis, will also improve people's quality of life by allowing them to become an integral part of the local community that helps support local businesses to keep their doors open.

5. The wealth of parklands and cycle routes which are there to make the most of as a local resident and local cyclist, with emphasis placed on how these spaces can also contribute to a sense of wellbeing- particularly as a cyclist.

6. The products offered by British brands and the connection the brands have to our local areas and heritage.

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