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Our Plastic-Free Flowers

Because Mother Nature gives us so much joy through the gift of  her plants and flowers, we do everything we can to play our small part in giving her something back in return.  This is why we have found a way to create 100% plastic-free flower bouquets and displays which can be dropped straight into the compost bin in their entirety. 

Using a vegetable-based, compostable cellophane substitute, bio-degradable flower gel and hessian packaging amongst other materials, we are always looking for opportunities to make our floral creations in ways that are as sympathetic to the environment as they are beautiful.

Detachable Bicycle Flower Arrangements

From down tube flower garlands, ding dong bell flower rings, mini flower posies and flower displays for the front wicker baskets or rear carrier cargo boxes, we can create floral displays that tie in with whatever your chosen colour scheme and design theme needs to be.

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