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Blooms & Bicycles: Our Deansgate Door is Open and You're Always Welcome...

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Finally after four very eventful years of being an online-based business, I'm so excited to be able to say the front door to our first high street shop in Manchester is now open- and more importantly, you will always be welcome here...

From understanding the nuances of mother nature whilst retraining as a florist and studying for my floristry diploma, to understanding the workings of a bicycle whilst training to become a qualified mechanic (having only been firmly back on the saddle for a short time after a 20 year break!), so when I say 'eventful' it's because already there has been a rollercoaster of lessons to be had...

Photograph by Roberta Pilleri

Then there was overcoming the fear of driving a Transit Van for flower and bicycle deliveries after only ever driving a Mini, whilst also overcoming the mental barrier of learning how to build a website and the mysterious art of social media... Throw into the mix a storage unit fire that wiped out my business in one late night blaze three weeks before our first exhibition at the National Wedding Show, then feeling completely pushed to the maximum whilst learning how to adhere to the exhibition rules for the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show- in a way as creative and beautiful as possible. The learning curve, at times, has been almost vertical.

Photograph by Emma Beaumont at @emmabeaumontphotography

The Reasons Behind It...

"So why do it?" you might wonder. Well, after a series of events in 2018 and 2019 that, combined, became a major life turning point, I finally plucked up the courage to get back on the saddle and was SO glad I did.

Alongside the pure bliss experienced whilst freewheeling wherever I spontaneously turned my handlebars to direct me, came the realisation that the freedom felt by being outside the bubble of a car was symbolic of a sense of freedom in so many other ways, that so many other people would benefit so much from. When that penny dropped for the first time, the journey began...

Tapping Into the Heart

Looking back now with hindsight I realise that tapping into the heart, and understanding what makes us light up inside, is a sign from our inner compass telling us what we are aligned with and what we must pursue to put each of us on our right path- even when at times that journey really puts to the test how much we want it. That right path for each of us includes putting to good use what unique gifts we each have in a way that contributes to the bigger picture, as much as it does to ourselves. My pink Pashley adventures with a picnic blanket, radio and book at the ready in the wicker basket was what prompted me to start really understanding what that was and where I wanted to go.

Fast forward to 2023, Blooms and Bicycles is the by-product of a passion to give people the chance to celebrate the changes in the seasons through the beauty of flowers, as well as having the opportunity to have a go at getting back on the saddle in fun ways, whilst cycling in style, to experience all the communal, environmental and personal benefits of 'commuting and shopping locally as a cyclist', which in turn supports local employment, British Industry and cycling culture. All of this is underlined by the Company Values and Company Mission which everything from the key business decisions to the day to day activities are always centred around.

Photograph by Roberta Pilleri

The Purpose Of It...

"So what's the point of the blog?" you may now be wondering. Basically, it's about sharing with you a very beautiful way to look at life that's easy for any of us to access, should we want to. Mother Nature blesses us with so much during each of the seasons, from the way the air smells on a crisp winter's day to the drifts of blossom in spring and sweeping blooms as they sway in a warm breeze on a mid-summer's day. So my team and I can't wait to share with you a multitude of ideas to offer inspiration on how to get out there and celebrate the beauty of each season through flowers and a bit of pedal power! I will also use the platform to share with you what's happening in the shop, my business journey, and that of the wonderful Blooms & Bicycles team as they, too, head out on their own bicycle escapades!

Photograph by Roberta Pilleri

What's Next...

We're really looking forward to sharing with you each month everything you need to live a floral and nature-inspired cycle pretty life. From suggested routes in your local areas across the UK to the bicycle adventures we go on and what we see and get up to along the way. So if this sounds like something you'd enjoy and you're not already signed up, please click on the link below and we look forward to welcoming you as part of our community of flower lovers, nature enthusiasts and 'cycle pretty' lifestyle fans!

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